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Last Chance Hotdogs Before Death

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2008 January 13

12:31 am - I have died in a blogging accident
sorry guess that means no more posts forever :(

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2007 December 09

12:20 pm - sometimes I wanna yell

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2007 December 08

10:58 am - Speed Racer Trailer

When I first heard the matrix guys were directing a movie based on the old speed racer cartoon I was sure it would either be the best or the worst movie ever made.

I am now sure it will be both.

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2007 November 22

01:41 am - Livejournal names
First it was Ramblings From the Dessert Cart and now it's Last Chance Hot Dogs Before Death. I'm thinking about changing it to Hotel Tango Tango Papa Sierra because I want as few people to get what the reference is as possible and with that I'm down to like 12.

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2007 November 02

10:46 am - Tech Support

<Redlof> crosma: are you able to view the login page?
<Crosma> For what, Redlog?
<Redlof> when you open your browser, does it load our login page?
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2007 October 03

07:34 pm - FLIP-FLOP: A game to play with your friends!
For up to two players!


One game board
Rendered with only the most advance digital imaging techniques!
(Click for full version)

Two coins labeled "set" and "reset"
Rendered with only the most advance digital imaging techniques! Rendered with only the most advance digital imaging techniques!


One player is Q and the other player is Q-not. Players take turns one at a time, and during each turn the player must flip both the set and the reset coin. Both set and reset are active on tails. If the set coin is tails, then the player moves ahead one space. If the reset coin it tails then the players must go back to start. If neither coin is tales then there is no change.

The Q-not player must always have the opposite position of the Q player, and vice versa.

The purple area is 7400

The clock is activated when a player goes from a low score to a high score.

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2007 September 01

08:44 pm - Identify all these quotes win a prize
This ain't no Internet, kid. You aren't going to clickity click your mouse out of this one.

Now some people may find you strange, but not me. I respect that.

Yeah well he can push the button labeled "go eat a sack of crap"

Air Jerky™ follows the scientifically proven Flavor Principle™ and follows the path of least resistance--to your mouth!

This is an Invention Machine. Inventors use it to Invent things

Hey bro, I gotta go. Let me through I gotta go number two.

And who can blame them? They walk through asphalt cemeteries. The fashion zombies, they must have been born that way

It ain't easy being white. It ain't easy being brown. All this pressure to be bright. I got children all over town!

I don't need this. My husband has two jobs!

Nonsense. They're bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.

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2007 August 12

06:36 pm - Chili Dog Video Blog
I didn't actually intend to create this but I had a hot dog and there was already a camera set up in my room and it just kind of happened.

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2007 August 07

03:57 pm - Video Blog
Done at the request of my sister.

Not posted to the forums because it's not funny.

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2007 August 02

10:14 pm - Burger King
Burger King Receipt

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