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2007 November 02

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10:46 am - Tech Support

<Redlof> crosma: are you able to view the login page?
<Crosma> For what, Redlog?
<Redlof> when you open your browser, does it load our login page?
<Zeipher> what
<Redlof> or does it give you an error or what?
<Redlof> I need you to open your browser and tell me what happens
<Redlof> what operating system are you using?
<Redlof> ...
<Redlof> hello?
<Zeipher> HI!!!
<Zeipher> HELLO!!!
<Redlof> have you tried opening your browser?
<Crosma> Our login page?
<Crosma> You mean, Imhostfu.com? (ed's note: note safe for work)
<Redlof> no
<Crosma> I don't know what you mean then, Redlog!
<Redlof> it should automatically redirect to our login page if you're connected to our network
<Crosma> :O
<Crosma> You just blew my mind.
<Redlof> if it's loading something else that's probably just a copy of your homepage from your computer's memory
<Redlof> or you're connected to the wrong network
<Crosma> How do I connect to the right network?
<Redlof> ok, what operating system are you using?
<Crosma> Slackware Linux 12.
<Redlof> hmm
<Redlof> I'm sorry, we don't really support that
<Redlof> I can give you the information for our network, but I can't walk you through setting it up
<Crosma> I've got Wine. I can run Windows bollocks if that's necessary.
<Crosma> Oh, well that's OK.
<Crosma> I'm sure I can work it out.
<Redlof> well, can you tell me the list of wireless networks that are in range?
<Crosma> Fuck! There's loads!
<Redlof> can you tell me your location?
<Crosma> "wireless", "NETGEAR", "Motorola", "Tompui", "Tondelstrand", "24 Carinthia", "Dave", "PRIAG".
<Crosma> None of these names are very imaginative.
<Redlof> uh, what city and state are you in?
<Mr_Person> back in my younger days i'd cruise the town logging into routers and changing the SSID to RETARD
<Crosma> Sydney, New South Wales.
<Redlof> one moment please
* Redlof puts crosma on hold
<Redlof> what the hell is this guy talking about?
<Redlof> he says in sydney?
<Crosma> I'm sure I could connect to most of these, Mr_Person.
<Redlof> new south wales?
* Redlof takes crosma off hold
<Redlof> thank you for holding
<Crosma> No, thank you.
<Redlof> I'm sorry, sir. I'm having a little trouble finding your location
<Redlof> are you in a hotel?
<Crosma> No.
<Zeipher> Redlof now you're going to die
<Zeipher> this is the last insult I want to hear from you
<Zeipher> so I will kill you
<Redlof> I'm sorry, it sounds like you're not in one of our supported locations
<Zeipher> PS I love you Redlof don't ever leave me
<Crosma> You service sucks, Redlog.
<Redlof> sorry for the inconvenience, but it looks like there's nothing I can do for you
<Redlof> I don't think we have any hot spots in your location
<Crosma> Hot to trott.
* Crosma is now known as Crosma|busy
<Redlof> thank you for calling

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